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4B0057 - J904B - Base Mount Jib - BL: 12ft UC: 12ft, 500# CAP

4B0057 - J904B - Base Mount Jib - BL: 12ft UC: 12ft, 500# CAP


  • $3,362.00

Product Details:

1/4 Ton (500#) Capacity
Model #: J-904B-120
Span (A): 12’ - 0”
Boom Height (B): 12’ - 0”
Overall Height (C): 12’ - 6 1/4”
Footing Depth (E): 3’ - 0”
Footing Width (W): 4’ - 0”
FOB: Eureka, IL 61530
Lead Time: 2 Weeks


Base Mount Pillar Jib Crane
1/4 Ton to 10 Tons
Jib Boom Lengths up to 30 ft. on select capacities.
Under Boom Height from 8 to 30 ft.

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  • 360 Degree Rotation on a Tapered Roller bearing providing full capacity vertical and radial thrust loading.
  • Lower section of the head revolves around the pillar on a pair of steel rollers equipped with self-aligning roller bearings.
  • Large diameter base plate is reinforced with heavy steel gussets for
    continuous alignment and rigidity.
  • Anti Lift-off Device.
  • Bottom roller assembly can be shimmed for boom leveling.
  • End stops at both ends of the boom to limit trolley travel.


Mast - Fabricated from heavy wall structural steel
pipe with wall thickness sized to minimize deflection.

Boom - W-beam section.

Head section - Rigid steel plate box type with welded
construction for minimum deflection between boom and mast.



  • Top or bottom entry air swivel or electric collector rings on most models.
  • Rotational stops.
  • Anchor Bolts with template.
  • Wind or Position Lock.
  • Galvanizing/Custom paint finishes.
  • Spark-resistant and/or Explosion proof construction for hazardous locations.
  • Manual safety switch.
  • Messenger wire assembly
  • Electric, Air or Hand geared rotation.





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